Sabrina Couto Product Designer

Project overview

The situation:

Bloomon is an online service subscription that brings flowers to your door. Every quarter we launch a new bouquet style and with it, we launch a landing page with information about the style and the possibility to buy it.

The problem:

Until now, our landing pages were not performing really well because they were very static and simpler. One of the reasons of this is we used Unbounce to design and develop them and it's a very simple tool that doesn't allow many customizations. In the end, our leads bought the bouquets through the normal website and they didn't visit the landing page at all.

The goal:

Improve the design of our landing pages, making a design that is more dynamic. And, improve the development of them, making the developement re-usable for the next quarter.

My Role:

UX designer and web developer.

The approach:

During this project, I worked very closely with the branding, sales and growth team. I designed the landing page architecture and the basic UX guidelines for the LP. The brand team designed the visuals and chose the photos.

Finally, I made a UX review of the design, made some changes to meet the UX standards and developed the landing page with Webflow.

We chose to develop the landing page in Webflow because we had a lot of flexibility as we can make adjustments with HTML5 & CSS3 to have the design that we really want and there is no need to stick with a template. Besides, it's easier to modify and add new content for people that are not a designer or developer.

The result:

The landing page performed really well the past quarter. Especially compared to our previous designs. This was the first landing page that we built with Webflow and the result was far better, we could design a landing page more appealing and engaging with our customers and that definitely made a difference in the conversions.

  • Role: UX design and web development
  • Field: Online service subscription
  • Tools: Sketch, Webflow, HTML5 & CSS3
  • Website:

Shine landing page mobile wireframes

Shine landing page mobile design

Shine landing page desktop wireframes

Shine landing page desktop wireframes


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